The demand for grass-fed beef, in particular grain and hormone free, is growing. Our aim is to meet that need and at the same time give the farmers a better deal than they are currently getting.

We pay the farmer R1 per kg more on their carcass weight than the current A grade feedlot price. Cattle off grass or “veldbeeste”, as they are known, always earn the farmer a discount to the feedlot price. Most of the time this is R2 less and sometime R1 less than the feedlot price.

Feedlots are very good at providing beef regularly with the right fat cover. The animals are ready for slaughter between 120 to 150 days after coming into the feedlot.

Depending on the breed, fattening an animal on grass can take from 8 to 18 months. To ensure our clients’ year-round supply, we source animals from the Eastern Cape as well as the Western Cape. Because the climate differs across this extensive area, we can ensure the right grass to finish the animals is always available.

We guarantee that these animals have not been fed any grains and have not been administered growth hormones.

We have registered the Cape Veld Beef trademark. This process included setting up a protocol which is registered with SAMIC (South African Meat Industry Company). Please click here to see our full protocol.

We slaughter at Paarl Abattoir. The rollermark on the carcass is “CAPEVEL”.