Cape Veld Beef available again.

Dear Reader

We have not had Cape Veld Beef on the market since November 2013.

However starting this week, through Farmer Angus, we are going to have Cape Veld Beef on the market. We envisage that Farmer Angus will continue with Cape Veld Beef until November.

cape veld beef sticker

In addition to guaranteeing you meat that has not been raised on grain (cattle are herbivores and not grainivores) we pay the farmer producing the beef for us a premium over the market price which is the exact opposite of current market practices where cancer inducing, environment destroying grain fed beef gets a higher price than healthy, soil building grass fed beef.

cape veld beef roller marks, sept 2014

The last point I would like to make about Cape Veld Beef relates to what you see above. These are what are called roller marks and the various letters mean various things. There are a lot of butchers providing so called grass fed beef but they don’t have their beef roller marked so you simply cannot trust what they say. Here is more about the illegal selling of free range/grass fed/pasture reared/organic meat. 

The roller mark above means the following. CAPEVEL is the trademark registered by me for Cape Veld Beef, A is for A grade which is less than 2 years old, 3 is for conformation which is good muscling, 2 is for the fat cover (supposedly the best) and SLCK is the abattoir (Swartland Volstruise in Malmesbury).

Our butchery procedures remain exactly the same. The carcasses are dry aged for 14 days before processing. We use the best spices we can buy. Non irradiated etc. Spencer, our master butcher of 50 years experience, still runs the show.

Thanks for choosing food that is NOT irradiated, genetically modified, poison sprayed, nutrient depleted, adulterated, reconstituted, shelf life stabilized, tasteless, extruded, dye-enhanced, government and supermarket-sanctioned pseudo-food.



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